The Benefits of Reflexology - Because you are so worth it!

Our health and balance are constantly affected by many things in our life and environment. Stress, illness or disease can cause a state of “imbalance” preventing our body from functioning effectively. Reflexology helps to restore and maintain balance in the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of your whole body. It encourages healing and promotes a feeling of well-being.

Very beneficial physiological changes take place when we are in a relaxed state. Some of the well-documented responses to Reflexology are:  relaxation; lowering of stress and anxiety; pain reduction; improvement of circulation and blood supply.

Because Reflexology is helpful on so many levels, it assists the body to normalize and is able to help with whatever issues or imbalances you are dealing with. Some of the modern-day issues it can help minimize are; anxiety disorders, effects of stress, improper function of the immune system, constant pain, headaches, poor circulation, bowel movement and digestive problems, menstrual issues, and toxicity due to inefficient elimination of waste.

People dealing with cancer, chemotherapy and any type of chronic illness often end up feeling isolated – cut off from the comfort of normal human touch. Reflexology offers one of the most comforting, hands-on forms of human interaction, reducing many negative symptoms and increasing a sense of well-being. Reflexology works as a complement to any medical, cancer and/or mental health care treatments being experienced - with no adverse side effects.

Whether you are looking for relaxation, want to re-energize, or wish for some assistance in dealing with a recent chronic condition, Reflexology will give you a break from the physical and mental aspects of stress. If you do have a health concern or you would like to help your body function better, you may want to consider a few sessions close together. Frequency and consistency will help your body to normalize and facilitate its amazing ability to heal!

*Reflexology is not used to diagnose or prescribe and is not a medical treatment.