90 Min - $80

(Any combination of two Reflexology methods)

60 Min - $60


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Our Services

We offer four different modalities of reflexology


Foot reflexology

Treatment of the feet with relaxing movements and techniques. Application of gentle pressure on reflex points to relieve tension/anxiety, improve circulation and promote healing of the body.

Hand Reflexology

Light pressure of the zones in the hands provides a unique release and results similar to foot reflexology. An excellent treatment for clients that work with their hands or are struggling with arthritis.

Facial Reflexology

Dien Chan facial reflexology is a system of treatment based on the work of Vietnamese acupuncturist Professor Chau.  Using diagrams of the body reflected on the face, services include both therapy and beauty.

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Ear Reflexology (auricular Therapy)

The World Health Organization recognizes Auricular Therapy and standardized the reflex points in 1982, because of its safety and effectiveness in treating many varied health issues and disorders. Because the ears are richly supplied with major cranial nerves and have very close proximity to the brain, it is felt that stimulation of the ear reflex points is very effective in achieving homeostasis – or balance.


**Reflexology is becoming more widely accepted and its many benefits more clearly understood. As a result some insurance companies now cover these treatments in their benefit packages – Contact your company today!