Initial Consultation

90 Min - $80

Price excludes GST



Your very first appointment, along with your treatment, will include a short consultation to complete a health record and address your health concerns. This will allow me to customize your session by focusing the work in areas which will bring you the greatest benefit and direct the treatment in a way that fits your personality.

You will be relaxed on a massage table or reclining chair.  The only items of clothing that are removed for the treatment are socks and shoes.  It is helpful to wear loose-fitted pant legs and sleeves to allow for effective access to the lower leg and/or arm.

Through relaxing movements and techniques, as well as the application of gentle pressure on specific reflex points, your treatment will help to relieve tension, anxiety, improve circulation and promote the natural function and healing of your body.


Diana has been my reflexologist since 2015. She is always warm, encouraging and diligent. The progress made in resolving my first health issue was almost immediate, comfirming my faith in her abilities. Other issues we are working on have taken a bit more time to see and feel the full benefits, but I feel confident I am well on my way. Reflexology is now part of my holistic health routine. I have had many reflexology treatments over the years, but Diana’s techniques are by far the best. I highly recommend her services
— April M.